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Canteen Information

Canteen Menu T2 2024

Opening times for purchases:

  • Recess 11:11am > 11:41am
  • Lunch Tue-Fri 1:47pm > 2:17pm
  • Lunch Monday 12:44pm > 1:14pm

Rules focus on basic manners:

  • calmly join your year line
  • think about your order
  • have your payment ready
  • speak clearly & politely
  • thank the canteen staff

Payment instructions are:

  • we accept cash payment
  • we accept card payments
  • we do not accept phone payments
  • as phones should be in Yondr poches

Ordering ensures you get what you want:

  • place an order before school
  • place an order for lunch at recess
  • collect orders from a dedicated line
  • orders are key to special food requests

Canteen Volunteers

Parents can quickly become a part of the SHS community by working in the school canteen. It is a fast, flexible way to make a contribution to school life while meeting other parents. We can offer a professional, profitable canteen service only because parents volunteer. 

Parents are very welcome to join the committee or simply volunteer to work in the canteen - most choose once a month or once a term, and/or as a last-minute fill-in.

Please contact us with your availability, with any questions, or with ideas for how to improve the canteen operations at SHS Canteen.

Thanks to everyone who volunteers, we can only provide this service to students with your generous support. If your availability has changed please email our Canteen Manager.

Canteen Operations

Our canteen is run by the P&C and managed by its Canteen Committee and staffed each day by a paid manager and parent volunteers.

The P&C's Canteen Committee look for ways to improve the canteen's offerings and service. The Committee organises, controls, manages and administers the canteen operation and delegates tasks to employees, contractors and volunteers.

Healthy Canteens

School canteens play a vital role in providing healthy food and drink choices for students. A healthy school canteen supports a 'whole-of-school' approach to student health and wellbeing, and reinforces healthy eating messages.

The NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy supports a culture of healthy eating in school by:

  • promoting access to healthier foods & drinks
  • decreasing access to less healthy food & drinks
  • supporting water as a drink of choice
  • making a healthy choice an easy choice.

School canteens will promote freshly-made foods and only stock packaged goods that have a minimum 3.5 star Health Star Rating. The Healthy School Canteens Strategy menus are consistent with the latest Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Under the Healthy School Canteens Strategy:

  • fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, salads, pasta, and stir fries will make up at least 75 per cent of the menu
  • occasional foods, will make up the remaining 25 per cent, need to have a Health Star Rating of 3.5 stars or higher
  • pies, sausage rolls and pizzas that are above the 3.5 star rating can be available at all times
  • cake stalls or fundraising initiatives will not be affected

Providing healthier options in school canteens is one of the ways the NSW Government can achieve its target to reduce childhood obesity.

Obesity has significant health impacts for children with around one in five NSW children between the ages of five and 16 being overweight or obese. The new strategy stipulates that food sold in school canteens is healthy for children.