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Learning and Support

... fair isn’t everyone getting the same thing, fair is everyone getting what they need to be successful ...

The Learning and Support Faculty provides direct and timely specialist assistance to students in mainstream classes with disability and additional learning and support needs, and their teachers. This faculty emphasises: the needs of individual students; school priorities; and evidence-based programs to assist students with additional learning and support needs.


The Learning and Support Faculty aims to provide personalised learning and support that is underpinned by evidence of four key elements or areas of activity:

  • assess individual education needs of students
  • provision of adjustments or support to meet a student's assessed needs to access syllabus outcomes and content on the same basis as their peers via a personalised approach to teaching and learning that delivers rigorous, meaningful, and dignified learning programs
  • monitor/review the impact of the adjustment or support being provided for the student
  • consultation and collaboration – of teachers with parents, support staff and other professionals where required so that students themselves and their parents and carers are actively involved in decision-making


  • Learning Assistance Centre
  • small group intervention: reading, EAL/D
  • in-class support: LaSTs, SLSOs, EAL/D
  • disability provisions: application and implementation
  • assessment of data specific to the individual student, such as reading and numeracy, language, communication, social/emotional, behaviour, health care, attendance, and their personal and cultural context
  • Learning Adjustment Registers (LAR) and/or Personalised Learning and Support Plans (PLaSP) for identified students
  • student assessment eg York Assessment of reading and comprehension


  • Melissa Pappin LAST
  • Angela Brown LAST
  • Nicole Moore EAL/D
  • Tracey Jones SLSO
  • Sally Kearney SLSO
  • Jennifer Means SLSO
  • Fiona Taylor SLSO
  • Pauline Vesper SLSO