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Religion Study Options

Provision of Religious Education at High School.

Where a parent/parents request religious education (scripture) for their child/children at a NSW public school, instruction is provided under the NSW Education Department's Special Religious Education (SRE) provisions. SRE can only be established and run where approved providers are willing and able to deliver an approved curriculum. Each school's specific arrangements for SRE is organised by negotiation and agreement between the school's Principal and the approved provider/s. 

On enrolment parents/carers are be given the SRE / SEE participation letter to complete and return, indicating if their child will attend SRE /SEE. After the initial choice or SRE or alternate activities during the enrolment process, any notification of changes to a child's enrolment in either SRE or alternate activity stream should be given to the office in writing using this form linked above.

Your Options at Singleton High.

Think Faith operated by Generate Ministries is provided for students who wish to participate in Special Religious Education. More information about their curriculum is available at Generate Ministries.

SRE / SEE takes place on Mondays Period 5 from 2.20pm to 3.20pm. Timetabled lessons conclude at the end of Period 4; SRE will be period 5 and therefore not impact student learning. Attendance issues are treated in line with normal class conventions.