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lime II


Botanical Name:

Citrus Aurantifolia



Description of a Lime Tree

A lime tree is a little tree with small branches and mostly green. The leaves on the tree are green mostly but the tips of the leaves can turn to a yellow orange colour. The limes are mostly green as well but can also have a little on them just like the leaves.


What are its Uses?

The lime tree is used for its succulent beautiful limes. Which are used in a lot of things such as foods and beverages, some cocktails, their zest and juice, in jams and chutneys. Also did you know lime is one of the main components in Coca-Cola. Lime leaves and also limes are also used in medicines and ointments.


Planting and growing

1. Choose a sunny spot to plant it

2. Keep 1.5 metres away from other plants

3.Water every second day

4. Prune before winter


Recipes, which include Limes

Lime ice cream and Lime Stacks




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