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Botanical Name:
Citrus Aurantifolia




Limes are small, round and green. They can grow from 3-6cm in diameter. This fruit comes from specie's of citrus tree, which grows limes from its branches all year-round. The different types of lime include: Key lime, Persian lime, kaffir lime, finger lime, and desert lime. Lime trees are thorny with light green leaves. Inside this fruit contains, sour acid and pulp. Lime is a good source of vitamin C.


What are its uses?

Lime can be used for a source of calcium, and magnesium for plants. The major active ingredient for lime is CaCO3 (calcium carbonate), Calcium carbonate can be used medicinally as a calcium supplement, or as an antacid. Agricultural lime (or garden lime) is a soil additive used in gardens and lawn. But limes are mainly eaten by humans in drinks, dishes, and/or just by its self. 


Planting and Growing:

First make sure that area of planting in a descent distance from any other objects. Make sure you have good drainage for your plant, and a nice sunny area. Dig a hole to about 2-3 times larger than the pot it came in. Add some potting mix/compost/soil to bottom of hole. Place lime tree in hole. Fill rest of hole with dirt/soil/mulch. Give plants a good soak with water. Keep soil away from trunk to prevent rotting.Lime trees will drop their leaves if unhealthy. All citrus trees hate frost. Keep watering on a daily basis. Most people harvest limes when green, but they are actually ripe when they turn yellow, but have a more bitter taste.



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