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Curry Plant

Botanical Name:

Helichrysum Italicum

Curry Plant


The Curry Plant originates from the Mediterranean and is a low growing shrub that only gets to 60cm high and 1 meter in diameter. It has silvery/grey leaves with the new growth being dark green, the leaves have a tendency to look like lavender, it also grows a yellow flower and is related to the daisy.


What are its uses?

The leaves of the curry plant are best used fresh in dishes like salads as they have a tendency of not imparting their curry-like flavour well into other foods.

The flowers may be dried, used in herbal tea or for meditational purposes.

An oil extracted from the flowers of the curry plant known as "Helichrysum oil" is used as a flavour enhancer in products such as fruit flavoured confectionary and fizzy drinks.


Planting and growing:

Curry plant is a frost resilient evergreenplant that originates from the Mediterranean it likes sandy/rocky soil and grows in full sun, plant them at least a meter apart.



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