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Botanical Name:

Fragaria x ananassa




Strawberries are sweet, succulent, easy to eat, red with  green  leafs and heart shaped. They on average have about 200 seeds. They are also can be known as the "inside out" fruit because the seeds are on the outside.

They are not really berries but are apart of the rose family and the actual fruit is the seeds

Their flavour is influenced by the weather


What are its uses?

Makes a good skin cleanser.

Great to pick straight from the bush and eaten fresh, by themselves, and or used in many recipes.

It has many health claims such as, it boosts your immune system, less likely to get cataracts in old age, it also prevents blood clotting witch prevents cholesterol and stunts growth of cancer cells.


Planting and growing:

The best time to plant strawberries in subtropical areas in from March-April

Chooses a nice sunny spot with great airflow

Plant the runners 35cm apart and 35cm between.

Plant in rich, well drained soil

Strawberries require plenty of water but not on leaves.



 Scones with strawberry filling                                

 Strawberry pie

Strawberry donuts

Strawberry milkshake


Strawberry cake