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Botanical Name:

Mentha spicata




Mint is a sweet, fresh herb used both for food or medicine. Most mint can be used fresh or dry. Mint produces green bushy plants. Leaf colour varies by species, and the flowers may be white, pink or lavender. The height can vary between 30cm-1m.


What it is used for

Peppermint is the mint of choice for medicinal purposes. More and more health professionals are using the health benefits of many herbs and essential oils. Mint has numerous uses in the kitchen, being used EVERYWHERE as flavouring as well as key ingredients to foods and drinks. One of the oldest uses of mint is as key ingredient in mint rubbing. At work or at home mint rubbing is an excellent choice for spending quality time and leaving all your worries and problems behind.


Planting and growing

Growing mint is simple process, keeping it from taking over the garden that takes work. Given medium rich, moist soil and shade to dappled sunlight, mint will thrive and soon form a lush, thick carpet. Most of the time you are just trying to keep the mint tidy. So plant your mint where you can control it. Mint likes full sun and lots of water. If you put it in the shade, it will grow floppy and the flavour will not be as strong as when you grow it in the sun.



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